Ajoie on a plate...

This simple phrase captures the spirit of what we have to offer you. The whole team at La Cigogne will be delighted to have you dine in their restaurant and extend you the warmest welcome in a lovely, meticulously maintained setting. 

We also have rooms available that can accommodate 15 to 250 people for meetings, seminars, banquets or business dinners. We will gladly put together offers for groups, families or companies. 

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The St-Martin

The Saint-Martin ? An Ajoie tradition that goes back to time immemorial. To celebrate the end of their labour in the fields, the peasants "slaughtered the pig" and invited the agricultural landowners and their families to a communal meal.

The festivities take place on the second weekend of November and last until the following Sunday which is called the Revirat (or repeat of the feast).

Menu Saint-Martin

Gelée de ménage (house jelly of pig's trotters, ears, tail)

Cooked beef and salad leaves

Black pudding à la crème

Apple compote

Roast atriaux (pork and liver dumplings) and sausages

Rösti and beetroot salad

Glass of kirsch

Sauerkraut à l’Ajoulote

Roast potatoes in a cheese sauce

Saint-Martin dessert